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A loaded google website on a laptop

Google Clone Web App

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This web app is a clone of Google search engine built with Next.js, TailwindCSS, Google Search API, Hero Icons and hosted on Vercel.

Github repo link

Project link

How I worked on this project

I created this project to expand on the data fetching skills and learn a bit more on possibilities of Next.js especially in combination with utility design framework Tailwind.

How to navigate this project

  • search.js - using getServerProps to fetch the google API. There is a useDummyData switcher that takes Response.js in the main folder and populates the results with static data to avoid exhausting API limit if the value is true.
  • Environmental variables - it was the first time I tried to implement .env so that the API keys are not exposed publicly and used ${process.env.API_KEY}.
  • SearchResults.js - takes the results of the API response and renders them via map() method as well as passes various props such as title, link and snippets of results with Tailwind styling.
  • Hero Icons library - is used to visualize various options in the HeaderOptions.js.

Why it is built this way

  • State management is not used with this project as its a simple app mainly to test out API fetch, render and styling.
  • Tailwind CSS is a great library for styling. The utility classes make it super easy to rapidly style any components and make the app look usable.
  • Next.js and Vercel made it easy to generate and host this application but for the next project I will use more layers of complexity including databases.

What else would I do

  • Finish video, image search sections so that the app is more robust.
  • Add end-to-end tests with Cypress
  • Setup CI/CD and ESLint on every pull request