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A 3D geometric shaped logo of a object in green color Kirill So


  • Notes on how to do great work

    This is a reworded and summarised version of Paul Graham's essay on how to do great work.
  • Surviving zombie apocalypse

    A short essay about feelings, presence, cordyceps and escaping the epicenter of attention epidemic that is causing the world to be blurred.
  • 2021 Annual Review

    A review of 2021 and a letter to myself in terms of learnings, progress and what the future holds for the next chunk of the journey.
  • Google Clone Web App

    A Google clone that I've built for learning purpose which replicates the homepage functionality and is built with Next.js, Tailwind, Google Search API
  • Mobile app retargeting and user acquisition

    This article outlines how mobile app retargeting compares to user acquisition in terms of benefits, segmentation.